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A school of 200 children can easily
raise over £500 for school funds

Children can now have their drawings professionally reproduced as high quality Christmas Cards, Gift Tags and Mugs at very realistic prices.

£4.50 per pack of 12 Cards with envelopes

£1.75 per pack of 6 Card Style Gift Tags

£4.95 per Mug (individually boxed and labelled)

£2.50 per Coaster with child's name and class)

You can sell Cards to parents for £6.00 per pack,
£2.50 per pack of Gift Tags,
£6.00 per mug ,
and £3.00 per coaster making a handsome profit for your school.

Minimum order is only 25 packs of Cards,
and using the same design as the Cards.
Gift Tags, Mugs and Coasters can also be ordered.
(There is no minimum order for Gift Tags, Mugs, and Coasters)

The process has been designed to be very user friendly
and there is nothing to pay until after you receive your order.

How does it work?
Emmer Green Primary School, Reading
"I appreciate the effort you have put in to make the order quickly. The mugs, cards and gift tags are VERY WELL MADE and appreciated by parents. This has been a LOT OF FUN for the children and we RAISED OVER 500 for the school too"
Joan Forteath, PTFA